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I loved the opportunity to talk to other HR Advisors about the issues they face in their organisations and understand what other things are out there.

This was one of the best conferences I have been too as the interactive workshops were long enough to be applied to a very small project.  Such really interesting topics were very hard to choose, final choice came down to what I need to know about right now!

The Elephant team did a brilliant job in sourcing top-notch speakers, preparing high-quality workshops and the sessions were pitched at just the right level for us HRAs. Really impressed and can’t wait to come along to future sessions with you guys!

This is a must-go-to event if you’re an HR Admin/Coord/Advisor... lots of career tips, inspiration from HR leaders on their personal career journey, additional perks of interaction from other HR pro’s/networking to build relationships.

All topics were very relevant, was a great way to meet people in the same or similar roles and the workshops were delivered well. I absolutely loved this conference!

I thought it was fantastic. I enjoyed that you make HR exciting and interesting and that ideas are kept simple.

I thought the workshops were great - its not often there are training options with facilitators that are currently practicing. The employment law sessions was really interesting and relevant - more time would have been great. I would describe the conference as providing a real life take on the HR world - no getting lost in theories!


I really enjoyed the workshops. Elephant takes a refreshing realistic approach to HR and it was valuable having facilitators with current real world experience.

I enjoyed the energy and the forward thinking, the passion to create a professional identify for HR!

Overall I think it was a well put together conference. I've told my fellow teammates and CEO that it was ah-mazing!

Just learning from those who have been there and done that. I thought that all presenters were excellent and I loved that the conference was aimed for advisors. I've attended many conferences and I've found them to be good in theory but not practical. Your conference was excellent!

I loved meeting other HR Advisors from around the country. It was interesting to hear about their work situations and challenges, highlighting that we are all in the same boat. I would definitely recommend others to attend. I think its an efficiently run conference with some really good and useful aspects.

The HR Advisors Conferences

The speakers were fantastic and the information was presented in a way that made me feel confident about going away and using the tips and ideas i'd learnt.

Really good mix of speakers and some really good hints and tips for dealing with everyday HR issues.

Generally it was very good, gained a lot of new ideas etc. It was great meeting other people and learning the way they do things and how I could incorporate that at my work place.

I loved 3 companies, 3 cultures - Julie Drybrough, Heather Taylor Portmann, Tamasin Sutton presentations as they were very "real" and innovative ways of thinking. I took lots of useful exercises and tools from them that I can use in workshops with our own leadership team.

I particularly enjoyed Tim's innovation slot. I liked the fact we had time to talk to others and build our own network.

The first morning on culture champions and the speakers. I also really enjoyed the workshops where we interacted on the case study - I took away some practical learning's here that I will use in the workplace.

I loved every minute of this conference! Usually when I hear the word conference I run a mile because I find that the language used and the atmosphere are far too corporate and it's hard to take in. This was the complete opposite! It was by far the best HR event i've been to.

It was really nice to get to meet other people from other organisations and hear the problems they face and also some of the things they have put in place. I will certainly advise other colleagues to attend the next one.

The conference was very well organised from the onset. The choice of presenters was excellent. This has been the most meaningful event that I have attended in my HR career - therefore I very much look forward to attending next year.

It was a great conference. Really thought provoking and plenty of time for group contributions too.

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#HRACONF17 has been organised by Elephant. Elephant is an HR training company that started in NZ in 2007 and in 2016 expanded into the UK. The team at Elephant are passionate about providing HR development that is practical, useful and fun and have trained over 2000 HR people in NZ and Australia.

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